Get out your flip-flops and slather on the sunscreen, it’s summertime!

The NewCity Summer Spectacular kicked off June 23rd, and will run through July 5th. We’re running a contest with opportunities for you — yes, you! — to enter your very own slice of NewCity lime pie for a chance to win some prizes. Whether it’s a mod, a building design, or a picture of you playing NewCity (or creating something NewCity inspired) in the real-world, every Mayor will have the chance to celebrate the summer season right along with us.

What can I win?

The top prize will be Steam game keys for NewCity. We will also name in-game amenities, roads and citizens after prize winners. We will also celebrate winners on social media, including direct links to your website or social media account. The best building designs and mod content will be put into the game – with your consent of course. All that, plus a few surprise prizes besides!

What kind of content?

We’re looking for anything NewCity related! It could be a photo of you playing NewCity, such as team member Swordless Mimetown playing on a Hawaii beach:

Or it could be an edited picture, music, or video – what the kids are calling “memes”. You can also submit a building design, or an entire mod. Or, share a screenshot of your biggest city from it’s best angle. There’s really no limit but your imagination. And human decency.

How do I enter?

Submit your content via Discord, Twitter or Reddit. For Twitter, use #NewCitySummer and @lone_pine_games. For Discord, post in the #summer-spectacular channel. For Reddit, include #NewCitySummer in the post title. You don’t have to post on /r/NewCity, but make sure the team knows about the post. Entries will be accepted from June 22nd to July 5th.

At Lone Pine Games we are always looking for feedback to improve our game! The best way to provide it is through our community Discord, which can be found here:

We are thankful to have such a lively and dedicated group of Mayors participating in discussions regarding new features, city planning strategy, development news, and just about anything else.

If you want to play the game and haven’t got it yet, head over to our Steam page. We’re also on Reddit and Twitter.

Steam Reviews are always appreciated as well!