Very short update here. This week is the first time I’ve gone into the NewCity steam workshop and I took a look at some designs uploaded by community members there. I’ve done quite a few designs (that means a lot) that are included in the game and seeing fans creating their own is really heartwarming. I’ve seen player decisions for issues that I’ve had before and each player tackles those differently.

It’s only a matter of time before more players that uploaded their designs and modpacks on the discord page start flooding the workshop with their creations - and that’s exactly what we want to see. So yeah, I’m looking at you modders, I am personally really excited to see your content being uploaded to the workshop.

Halloween has come and gone, but the mod remains
Halloween has come and gone, but the mod remains

If any of you have seen the small halloween mod I myself and Supersoup have created, you’ve seen that such a thing can really change the feel of the game - and that modpack doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you can do with the game’s modding system. Anyway, see you guys next week and keep creating!

Make use of your city’s waterfronts
Make use of your city’s waterfronts


I’m just about done with my first full week here with Lone Pine Games and it’s been amazing. I’ve been impressed by the community response to what we’ve done so far and I’m excited to say that we have a lot more planned!

This week my work has mostly been recon, analytics diving, as well as catching up with social media and advertising. NewCity is an amazing game, especially for being incomplete, and getting the word out about what we have is, well, much easier thanks to that.

Marketing is a strange thing in the games industry compared to other media. It’s creative work with a lot of metrics and goals and measurable results, which as a writer is somewhat comforting. Sometimes you don’t need marketing, and sometimes it doesn’t even work. But I personally believe every game has potential to make an impact, if the right people learn about it. Getting that audience into our community is what I’m gonna do.


INFO - 19:52:47.380:
Signal detected, SNR @ 23dB
Gathering information…

INFO - 19:52:47.417:
Signal info -
[ Dual-band transmission ] [ source UNK ]
[ Video Carrier, PWM, 15MHz ]
[ Audio Carrier, Modulated, 92-107MHz ]

INFO - 19:52:47.424:
MITM in progress…
Locking frequencies…
[ Video Carrier, PWM, 15Mhz ] lock not successful (unacceptable SNR), staging to retry…
[ Audio Carrier, Modulated, 92-107MHz ] lock successful!

ERR - 19:52:47.429:
[ Video Carrier, PWM, 15MHz ] signal interrupted! Dumping buffer…

INFO - 19:52:47.433:
Testing signal for encryption…
[ Audio Carrier, Modulated, 92-107MHz ] is unencrypted

INFO - 19:52:47.438:
Scanning for and extracting RDS…
-META: Uptime 03:17:01.117, Flag(s) ALERT/CONTAINMENT

INFO - 19:52:47.442:
Processing signal(s)…
[ Audio Carrier, Modulated, 92-107MHz ] » NEURAL_NET(SCAN_FOR: 30000ms)
Waiting on response from NEURAL_NET…

INFO - 19:53:17.445:
Response received from NEURAL_NET! Outputting transcript…


UNK (01, male) - [Unintelligible] Approaching Outpost Kilo now, Echo[ID?].

Echo (02, female) - Be advised, Sierra-One[ID?], there are multiple contacts to the south showing on thermal.

Sierra-One (01, male) - Copy. The outpost is quiet. Sierra-Three’s gone.

Echo? (02, female) - We lost his transponder somewhere in or around the outpost. He was not observed leaving the area.

Sierra-One (01, male) - He’s gone, Echo.

Echo (02, female) - [Silence, 3.201] Copy, Sierra-One.

Sierra-One (01, male) - I’m going to see what I can scavenge from [Interruption, 02]

Echo (02, female) - Sierra-One, contacts closing on you fast from the south. Eyes up.

Sierra-One (01, male) - I see ‘em.

UNK (??) - [Gunfire - M4A1, 5.56mm]

UNK (??) - [Animal cry? POSSIBLE MATCH: Tortoise - 76.77% ]

Sierra-One (01, male) - Where’s the chopper?

Echo (02, female) - En route, ETA five. Help is on the way Sierra-One. Just survive.

Sierra-One (01, male) - Affirmative.

UNK (??) - [Gunfire - M4A1, 5.56mm]

UNK (??) - [Weapon reload - M4A1, 5.56mm]

UNK (??) - [Animal cry? POSSIBLE MATCH: Elephant - 80.13% ]

Sierra-One (01, male) - Ah, [EXPLETIVE REDACTED].


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As always, we’re incredibly thankful for our great community across the web. We love seeing the hard work and attention to detail you pour into your cities, and it inspires us every day to keep building. Thank you again for your support.

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