Lone Pine:

Hello friends. I’m writing just a short post this week. We’ve been busy fixing bugs and improving quality. We added a “Level of Detail” slider so that players can tune the game’s performance and quality to their individual machines. We also started work on the Citipedia. We expect to make an announcement video next week related to the Citipedia and the Newspaper. This week, supersoup in particular has been engaging with various bugs and crashes and doing everything possible to fix anything that gets in the way of your NewCity experience.

While the developers are doing behind-the-scenes stuff to keep the wheels turning, our artist, Gainos, has been adding his touch to the game. The Architect Update, as you might have guessed, was largely about providing him the tools to improve the look of the game. And he’s knocked it out of the park! Cities now look much more colorful and interesting, with lots of little pieces of charm.

There’s so much to do and it often feels overwhelming. Sometimes I worry that certain problems will never be fixed. But then I reflect back on how far this game has come in the last year. It’s been a wild ride!

Questions? Comments? Feedback on the game? Sound off on our Discord.

As always, we’re incredibly thankful for our great community across the web. We love seeing the hard work and attention to detail you pour into your cities, and it inspires us every day to keep building. Thank you again for your support.

If you want to play the game and haven’t got it yet, head over to our Steam page. We’re also on Reddit and Twitter. Give us a follow if you haven’t, and we’ll keep you up to date on what’s new with New Cities!